Coz some days (or nights or madaLing araws) are better than the others #Bucake #barkadahan (at Makati)
I pen these words…
Being twins is not just being born a few minutes or hours apart, it’s more than that.  For me, it’s more than the similar looks you share, but the thoughts, feelings, milestones, culture and experiences you’ve come to share as well, creating that special bond, that invisible bond that me and my sister will infinitely share.  I maybe a few years delayed from the time she’s born but undeniably she is my twin.  iLoveyou and imissyou, terribly. #twins
My favorite Rittersport fLavor… =) #promisenapromise hehe… Hi-5 if you get me… =)
Crossing my fingers.  i hope this is it. #career (at Ray Ban Mirax Building)
ChiLLin Day 2:  Watching Frozen for the nth time with Kuya Zeironn. What’s a Tita gotta do?  (at Home)
Good Morning Tita Dodoc…! - me and Kuya Zeironn chiLLin in your room whiLe watching Oz, The Great and Powerful (at Home)
S/He is… 4 things we aLL four are, most of the time. #crazy #blank #sick #busy (at Makati City)
Sometimes I just happen to miss you out of nowhere… imissyou…!